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What's up CU and others...?

First off, HELLO MY CU PALS! Now..down to business... I am Mike, you can call me Ed, all my friends at home do anyway, and I am attending my second year of college at Clarion University. I can't wait to go back and anyone that says they don't want to go to college and doesn't..doesn't know what they are missing. Sure the first semester sucks but it gets so much better! If you are looking for a friend at CU I'll sure find a way to meet up with you and we can talk about anything. I did want to become an RA but it figures that they don't want me.. Egh, so anyway... :) I'll be staying in Nair hall for all I know now. With the big mess up who knows what's going to happen later... Not really sure of my class schedule.. it's not completed. But I will tell you what classes I have. Mon. and Wed. I go to and from the same 2 buildings all day. It's like run there and then there then back to the beginning all again! I have General Psych., Visual Arts, Lunch?!, Psych. of PErsonal Growth, and then finally Health, that's Mon./Wed. Tues./Thurs. is Walking for Fitness. Woo who! Like my Tue. Thurs all ready! Fri. fall into my third busiest day with two classes. Gen. Psych and Vis Arts.. So I don't think I have too much to worry about. My psych classes will keep me busy I'm sure. And I want more classes.. have to wait for drop/add to get MATH! I NEED MY MATH COURSE! HEllo, I want to graduate soon as possible here Clarion! Let's get your act together now! Geeze. Well, hope everyone gets the best of luck with college and hope everyone isn't lonely as I was first semester... thanks Brandi for being there second semester... and like always, I'm open to meeting new friends anytime..as long as they are cool/nice to other ppl and not snobs or mean! Go Mr. Potter... I-candy! haha... Whew..get a grip. Well, here's to another year! YEAH!!!

"It's only M.E."
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