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I hope that everyone has fun with this community and will find it handy for what ever they may be looking for.. I am Brandi and I am going into my sophmore year at Clarion university. If anyone should need anything or has any questions. My screen name is XDarkestEternalX. My email is

Now as an intro, I would like for everyone to post their fall schedules, class standing and if you are comfortable, if you are living on or off campus and if on campus which dorm?????? :) Thanks guys
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I just wanted to say Thank you for doing an excellent job on creating this thing and helping me with my troubles. You've been there to listen to me for the longest time....ok about 6 months this August. I also want to thank my Clarion Crew from last year...both groups (4&5)lol... You both helped me all the time and I hope I can return the favor sometime...
Thanks again Brandi! I owe you a